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14 January 2011

TANGENT Post Implementation & Residency Services

TANGENTInfoServe( Premium Services) Residency Services offers you flexible staff-augmentation options to assist with optimized administration and management of your IT environment. We offer a range of services — from assisting with day-to-day operations and filling critical staff gaps to optimizing of processes, procedures, and support with industry best practices.

We also offer remote management of your information infrastructure based on defined service-level objectives. With Remote Managed Services, you can optimize information management with intelligent remote monitoring, incident management and day-to-day management based on ITIL & CMM standards and global best practices.

A seamless addition to your team, the Resident Engineer focuses on the highest value activities to speed the deployment and optimal configuration of your IT environment. The Resident Engineer helps ensure that your IT solution continues to meet Service Level Agreements, based on your functional, operational, and business requirements. Residency tasks may include: resource management and provisioning, monitoring of information assets, status reporting, configuration, internal or external customer support, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, documentation and operations management.

With Remote Managed Services you can:

  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce risks.
  • Minimize operational management costs.
  • Meet service level objectives.
  • Increase IT staff productivity.
  • Optimize technology investment.
  • Achieve cost-effective 24x7 coverage.

Our flexible services allow you to meet your specific operational infrastructure needs and budget requirements. Our onsite or remote residency services enable you to:

  • Realize greater and faster ROI on information infrastructure assets.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Expand management and support.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Bridge staff, skill and / or experience gaps without additional headcount.
  • Improve planning and operational insight.

We offer Residency Services for the following domains:

» SAP   » Oracle Apps
» Microsoft AD and Exchange   » HP Servers( x86 & BCS) and Storage
» IBM Servers( x86 & pSeries) and Storage   » EMC Storage
» NetApp Storage   » SonicWALL
» RSA   » F5
» CA   » Citrix & vmware
» Cisco    

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