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It’s the “V” which does the magic or “V” for “Virtualization”...

14 January 2011

TANGENT PEIE (Performance Enhancement and Information Empowerment)

TAN-PEIE(Performance Enhancement and Information Empowerment) enables business decision makers to deliver on the promise of informed decision making based on the principle of the right decision making analytics and intelligent information at the right time to the right person in the right form. TAN-PEIE's range of services include Information Solutions and Functional capability, Professional Services, and Innovative Products for strategic business areas such as Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), Information Life Cycle Management & Data Quality (ILM & DQ).

The Key values of TAN-PEIE

Key business processes standardization and optimization, better utilization of resources thereby improving productivity and process efficiency, lower costs and improving bottom-line.

Aligns goals, metrics, people and technology in order to improve performance across the entire organization.

Collaborative management synchronizes communication of goals, strategies and metrics across enterprises thereby Increased Business Agility.

Enhanced data visualization enhances an organization's ability to separate critical "information nuggets" from extensive "mounds of data".

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