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It’s the “V” which does the magic or “V” for “Virtualization”...

14 January 2011


Maintaining compliance with legislative regulations and industry standards demands real-time visibility into your production environment. With distributed physical assets, configuration management compels resources to spend time and money limiting liability and maintaining compliance records. We have expertise in ISO27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA and more.

Tangent Comply Solution

TAN-COMPLY’s “integrated yet modular” methodology enables faster multi compliance. Your organization not only benefits from the reduced cost and complexity of compliance efforts, but also from a decrease in possibility of failed compliance assessments. By ensuring adherence to corporate guidelines & standard and reducing counteractive and incident response costs, TAN-COMPLY enables you to self-assuredly control your technology environment, protect critical assets, minimize occurrence of noncompliant audits, manage risk and maximize business results.

Counter the risks:

  • Automate a time-intensive manual process.
  • Reduce time and cost to perform audits.
  • Consolidate compliance technical standards to a single console and interface.
  • Demonstrate evidence of due care to internal and external auditors.

Add business value:

  • Tracks compliance to IT controls related to important regulations and frameworks.
  • Enables cost-effective response to areas that have fallen out of compliance.
  • Helps avoid the repercussions of a failed audit.
  • Minimizes the resource demands required to keep up with configuration changes.
  • Delivers actionable intelligence.
  • Reports on compliance to baseline configuration standards.

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