Tangent Infocom provides the most Advanced and Comprehensive IT Infrastructural Support services to our Clients across the World in both Off-shore/ On-shore models. In fact, we are also one of the best Companies to offer End-to-End Solutions in Highways & Toll management right from Start to assign and to Complete Operations. Understanding the significance of Infrastructure, we also have decent Expertise in VMS Installation, OFC & Networking and IOT Integration. Apart from all these, playing a key role in promoting the incentives offered by Governmental renewable Energy Policies.


Tangent Infocom is a Professionally Managed Organization, that’s led by Technical Experts, we very well understand that every challenge you generally face and the kind of solution you expect from an expert. Consequently, we provide you with one point of contact for the complete solution of your Project. In fact, we offer the right insight, technology, and support to help Businesses transform, and thus making the Business functions Easier, Earlier and Enhanced.

We are in the Business of change, Managing complexity with an unparalleled insight, looking beyond the horizon of IT with resources focused on Solutions.

The growth of new, fruitful Business Partner relationships and the nurturing of current ones are central to our concept. We have the Global Alliances with almost every global leading IT OEM’s and, this determines that our Customer get the Industry’s best Technology Solution, Products and Services. While we are proud of our partnerships, we’ve developed, but at the same time, we believe that it’s our people who make all the difference.

Our Company was built on great ideas and core values including discipline, quality and risk taking. We honor, value and celebrate the unique viewpoints of our Employees, Communities, Customers, Suppliers, and other Partners in the Global marketplace. The perspectives, abilities and experiences of our workforce are key to the success of our Company and fundamental to our role as a Technology Leader.


Tangent Infocom was founded in 2011 by Rajat Goel, the First Generation Entrepreneur. Today, Tangent Infocom is one of the leading global IT solutions and Services Providers and has got its Corporate Office in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), India & also has global presence with International Offices in USA & Singapore.

Tangent Infocom received numerous accolades and is rated as one of Best Solution Providers in the field of IT. We serve the Corporate in providing the best and efficient solutions catering aboard and to I.T professionals with consistency.

In this shortest period of time we have served a lot of Customers and most importantly all are very satisfied and happy with the services and solution which we provide end to end.


“To be recognized as a valued resource in delivering quality, with our Knowledge and Innovative thoughts in developing Business Critical Solutions for our Clients across the Globe.”

Tangent Infocom has always believed in making a strategic Partnership with Organizations looking at transformational IT solutions. The Company enables Business results by being a ‘revolutionary catalyst’. Over the Years, we has helped our Clients in drafting an outline, creating, providing support, improve and innovate their IT infrastructures with the integrated portfolio of Services. We make our Clients Business more efficient through a combination of Process Transformation, Technology Integration, Consulting, Training and Managed services.


“To deliver distinctive services to our Clients: we can get there by adhering to Tangent Infocom Code of Ethics, Service Promises and working in line with our Vision Statements.”


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